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Hey everyone...

Well, its been well over a month since my last post and I think that in that time i've gotten immeasureably better. Well... maybe not immeasureably... but i did find myself another guy that has an eating disorder to talk to (yes, I am a guy with an eating disorder). He and I have been trying our hardest to support each other. I met him at my college orientation and we immediately seemed to find everything in common with each other, so we started talking about our personal lives. In the end we basically discovered that we were both gymnists with an eating disorder. That unveiled, we decided that we'd both put our minds solely to gymnastics to try and stop focusing soo much on nutrition facts, food content, binge eating, purging, worrying, self-hating, and soo many various other things that have thusfar been a burden on our lives. Not only did that focus on somthing else make us much better gymnists, but we also have gone for as much as 3 weeks without purging <^.^> That is the best i've done in the last 2 and a half years. I messed up the other day, but hey... noone's perfect.

Anyway, i guess the whole point of this is that, while a support group online is definately helpful, i'd recommend finding another person with similar intrests as you (note: not a boyfriend or girlfriend), but just a friend.(most of the time a relationship can make a person bias and not necessarily honest or helpful) See if you two can motivate each other in doing somthing else that would keep you going without spending your time hating yourself and you may find your life easier. Then again, i'm also very OCD, so that may be a reason I can make myself obsessed with somthing other than eating disorders. But, give it a try anyway. In my opinion, almost anything is better than an eating disorder.
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