kdeficiency (kdeficiency) wrote in binge_and_purge,

Recovery story...opinions?

Okay so...I've been bulimic for 8 or more years. I've had my "recoveries" like everyone else I suppose. You know, those 2-7 day recoveries. But this time around, I went about 4 months without any binging or purging. I was like GOD FINALLY I"M RID OF THIS FOREVER! Let it be forever please please please. But the past month I did about 5 times. I hate it. I have another psychiatrist who has "diagnosed" me wtih Bipolar Disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and of course high anxiety and a little bit of paranoia. I do study psychology (my major) but not clinical. I love psychology dont' get me wrong, but sometimes I think...I think everyone has a bit of disorders, like borderline personality disorder is now a joke to everyone. But anyway I'm on Lamictal and Xanax for some reason. I wondered if anyone had any opinions on the meds I"m on, if it sounds like a good thing or not. Also, is anyone recovering/ I know this is for those of us who want to stop, so it may be a stupid question. Actually it is. But I hate this setback...4 months and I just ruined it. BLAH!
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