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Bulimia Sucks


Bulimics Who Want to Stop
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This is a closed community for those, and loved ones of those, who have experiences with bulimia nervosa. This community is restricted as an attempt to limit inappropriate and triggering posts. If you'd like to become a member of this blog, you must not belong to any "pro-ED" or "pro-self harm" communities. All requests are processed. If you aren't granted access here, then your user-info didn't pass this standard. Do not request multiple times, or you'll be banned.


This is a community for people to openly speak of their struggle with Bulimia Nervosa.

    If you binge and purge; if you excessive-exercise to compensate how many calories you've consumed; if you abuse laxitives; diuretics (any weight-loss promise pill); if you fast after binging or even if you have once in a while relapses of disordered eating behavior and are in a mind-frame of what you "can" and "cannot" eat, and you think you have a problem, then this is a supportive community to serve that purpose. If you do not think you have an eating disorder or are in denial, then this isn't the place for you at this time. This is for people who either want recovery or just need to write of how they feel while dealing with their eating disorder.

If you are a friend or loved one of someone with an eating disorder; you, too, are welcome to this community. We hope to offer insight and information regarding [emotional and physical] aspects of eating disorders. If you better understand eating disorders, then you'll better understand the individual and their boundaries.

Read this link for further information concerning all types of bulimia.

---Guidelines and Regulations on what are tolerated/inappropriate topics for this community---


Do not post anything remotley triggering.
This includes numbers of any genre (i.e. weight, calories, work-out time, pills, ect.), exercise plan, diet plan, etc. Do not post pictures of emaciated people and/or yourself. Do not post "tips&tricks." DO NOT PROMOTE DISORDERED EATING.

Because this is a community specifically for bulimia and eating disorders, I don't ask that you us an LJ-cut before any post concerning this content. I do ask you use a cut (with a warning) before posting anything off-topic (such as depression or other such issues). Remember to mark the cut as "TRIGGERING: DEPRESSION" and so forth. Try to remember that our focus is on eating disorders, though.

If you're asked to edit your post and you haven't within 24 hours, I will delete your entire post immediately. I don't care what your excuses are, because you should have followed the guidelines in the first place. This is a safe-space for all members, and we must be considerate.

Again: THIS IS NOT A PRO-MIA COMMUNITY. Do not post your weight, food-plan, calories, exercise, triggering pictures, etc. You will be removed, banned and reported to LJ staff for harassment.

All whom abide by the above are welcome into this community.

P.S. - New Rule: If you're suicidal, get professional help for it. The toll-free number for Suicide Prevention is 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-748-2433) - please call them and try to think it out, before you actually decide to do anything. As for this community, don't post subject matter concerning how you are considering suicide as an option.

If, for any reason, anyone would wish to contact me: send an email to beckie.n@verizon.net.

got that taste in my mouth...
spewing over the edge
and the dancing spoons inside my head
down my throat, again

what do I have left?
just these disconnected pieces
to be washed, cleaned...

and it's all gone wrong
- it's all like shit
spewing over the edges, again
and down my throat...